Consultancy Services

Our another Division of services provides the consultancies, more particularly in relation to the energy sector (which includes power, oil and gas). We operate through panel of experts, having stories of success as individual and known team players. We have some experts on our regular panel while maintain a list of those who can be taken on board - where and when required. In addition to this we work in Joint Ventures with different financial institutions as well as the chartered & engineering firms. The Divsion has a head, the experts, and panelists who render the consultancy services in technical, financial and human resource areas. Besides, our legal experts provide the legal consultancies to our valued clients. We can render these services even outside Pakistan through our experts.

ADR & Arbitral Services

A special & skilled Division of our law firm is the ADR & Arbitration Division which is led by the Managing Partner (who is also an MCIArb) himself. The Division consists of technical, financial & legal experts those include the former Judges. Rasikh Consilium has so far rendered its services in multiple institutional arbitrations; ad-hoc (local) arbitrations, mediations and court matters. The numbers are now reaching to 3 digits. Our team has represtented successfully in all the recognition and enforcement petitions having claim of the New York Convention and post award matters in the local courts under Arbitration Act 1940. Trust of the Courts & Parties are evident by the fact that our clients have engaged us repeatedly as the lawyers as well as the Arbitrators.

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